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LeetCode 85. Maximal Rectangle

6 minute read

This problem is a very hard problem, and I spend a lot of time to understand it. Im afraid someday may forgot the solution, so decide to record it.

Record A Tree Algorithm

11 minute read

In computer science, a binary tree is type of data structure, in which each node has at most two children, and it is also a very common testing centre in pos...

Dynamic Programming Summarize

11 minute read

Dynamic programming algorithms is a way to break down the problem into smaller and simpler pieces, that is we wish to find a solustion to given problem which...

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Infinite Scroll

15 minute read

Infinite scrollers pop up all over the internet. Google Music’s artist list is one, Facebook’s timeline is one and Twitter’s live feed is one as well. You sc...

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3 minute read

2018年真如白驹过隙啊,这一年似乎是记事以来最饱满的一年了,那么用我心中的年度十大记录一下。 盘点 1. 年度最佳成就:没有挂科 真是不容易,今年第一次,不用担心补考,平均成绩还一下提升了10多分(毕竟基数小hhh)


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Hello world

2 minute read

This is my first page in this blog, and I will try to write in English in this blog.

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machine learning


19 minute read

开始阅读Ian Goodfellow、Yoshua Bengio、Aaron Courville三位大佬写的deep learning book,这次不能烂尾了,决定每天花3-4个小时阅读英文原版,再用周末的时间把看过的部分理解并翻译一下,争取12月份之前完成整本书。

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principles of computer composition

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