Hello world

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This is my first page in this blog, and I will try to write in English in this blog.

I always have many things wanna to record, I use WeChat Moments or Qzone, but it is not very personal and not very convenient, so I dicide to write a blog by myself, sadly it was very poor in high concurrency, yes I need to find some ways to solve this problmes, maybe I will write an essay afterwords, but at this moment, I just want to find a subtitute,I tried jekyll and hexo, but it got some problems in hexo’s tag, so I turned to jekyll. Be honest, I really like this theme and really thanks to mmistake and his theme so-simple.

Add one …

Sun Yate-Sen University Althouth I am at an internship in Beijing now, I am still preparing for postgraduate examination now, and SYSU is my target school, wise me luck!


Dont be down

at Beijing.

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